Industrial IOT - Our FactoGrid and FactoNode Solutions.
Connect your assets in real-time.
Increase Performance and Reduce Inefficiencies.
Industrial IOT and Intelligence
Web based mobile compatible.
Real-time solutions for your factory.
Faster Lead Times and Cycle Times.
Increased Up Time of Assets.
Improve Quality.
Manufacturing Execution Systems.
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Industrial IOT

We provide industrial IOT solutions that can help connect many remote assets for high speed data collection and analytics. Our cloud solutions are offered as a private in house cloud or a hosted solution depending on the requirements. We use proven tools to ensure we provide a secure and efficient solution.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems is our primary focus area and we have provided highly complex multi-plant systems to several clients. These solution add tremendous value in terms of Improving operational efficiency, reducing downtime, improving quality, reducing cycle times and lead times and ultimately customer satisfaction

BigData and Advanced Analytics

We have developed solutions using open source BigData and Machine Learning tools for high speed data ingestion and analytics.

Facto solutions for Data Acquisition to Intelligence

Hardware, Cloud based Software and Analytics Services.

Ready to connect device for basic DAQ with Wifi or GSM Connectivity.

We provide integration capabilities to cloud based systems and data stores. Factogrid solutions have built-in features for clod storage.

Advanced statistical analysis using R library tools and Apache Spark in-memory engine.

Data collection using industry standard protocols with less than 1 second scan times depending on the option selected.

The FactoNodes will store data locally in case of connectivity issues.

Machine learning capabilities of Apache Spark utilized to provide predictive analysis based alerts.

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OpteBiz Value Added Services!

We offer solutions in coordination with our partners that help bring about improvements in Key Operational Metrics related to Production, Quality, Process, Inventory, Maintenance, Energy and Facilities.

System Design, Development, Implementation & GoLive

Emphasis on standards, defined problems and solutions

Monitor KPI improvement & deliver business value in a phased manner

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